Unveil Your Uniqueness

During our morning coffee, I asked my husband, “what’s the purpose of a mass production assembly line.” He responded with, “to create multiple identical items in the shortest amount of time.”

I am so thankful that God did not create us on an assembly line, mass producing us to be exactly alike. His workmanship is a creative and marvelous process. Our complex wonderful design was created specifically for His purpose. God has given each of us special gifts and talents that are to be used for His glory and to draw “ALL” people to Him.

“You Are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made”

Do not fall victim to the assembly line mindset by comparing yourself to others. Do not bind yourself by trying to be someone else or what someone else wants you to be. When you do this, you minimize what God has created and what His creation can become. Be bold, be unique, and be different while simultaneously evolving to be more like Christ. Do not conform to the standards set by this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2).


Cherish who God has created you to be! The assembly line may be beneficial for businesses that mass produce items that are expected to perform the same every time. But this is not God’s intended purpose for us. Bring your different gifts and talents to the Body of Christ and “UNVEIL Your Uniqueness.”

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1 thought on “Unveil Your Uniqueness

  1. “Bring your different gifts and talents to the Body of Christ and “UNVEIL Your Uniqueness” I needed this as I prepare for tomorrow! It seems so rudimentary but this reminder at a pivotal point in my life was needed. Thank you for sharing! With love-

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