Know, Acknowledge, Recognize

In all of your ways “know, acknowledge, and recognize God,” and He will make your paths straight and smooth removing obstacles that block your way.

Proverbs 3:6

In this very moment, know without a shadow of a doubt that God is bigger than the obstacles you face. Do not give power to your obstacles/issues by making them bigger than God.

“Do not give power to your obstacles/issues by making them bigger than God.”

In many areas of your life, you may already acknowledge Him. But, in what areas are you restricting accessing?

When we place the “Restricted Access” sign before God, we prevent Him from moving freely in our lives. In the result of our actions, we begin to operate outside of His established purpose and we essentially experience some form of grief.

Obstacles, issues, problems, or whatever you want to call it, are designed to obstruct your path, knock you off course, and/or to set you back. But they don’t have to! Allow God to completely enter your life, and in return acknowledge, accept, and recognize Him so that he may direct your path.

When I made God a vital part of my life, I found things to be much easier and peaceful. Most importantly, my view of the obstacles/issues that I face doesn’t seem as grand. When I seek God first and above all else, I can feel him elevating me above my issues, I can feel His hands at work in my life, and I can hear the sweetness and love in His voice as He provides guidance and gives words of affirmation. I want to encourage you to trust in God with all of your heart by removing the “Restricted Access” sign. Allow Him access and see what happens.

“When I made God a vital part of my life, I found things to be much easier and peaceful. “

“Unveil yourself to God’s Power”

Virtuously Unveiled

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2 thoughts on “Know, Acknowledge, Recognize

  1. I really enjoyed this devotion and the undeniable truth. To welcome God into your life does not mean that you will not have challenges, but in fact with God you become the Victor of that challenge to excel and soar!!
    Above all I choose to include God over excluding Him!!



  2. Many of us take issue with completely allowing God to access our lives. Often we do what we see others doing, and have been taught to believe that this is the only way to communicate with Him. I think this is due to not understanding what a personal relationship with Him is supposed to be like. Often it is because our upbringing and/or lack of understanding. God loves us and all our humanly flaws. We were not created to be perfect; love yourself and your flaws because He does!


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