“Know, without any doubt, and understand that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God, who is keeping His covenant and His steadfast lovingkindness to a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments” {Deut. 7:9‬ }
Faithfulness is a quality we see God embody throughout scripture and most definitely through His fulfilled promise of Jesus Christ. Today, think about what it means to be faithful and how you’ve personally seen God’s faithfulness.

A lot of us fall short when it comes to remaining faithful and persistent. I know I have fallen short. But it’s ok, we must be determined to do better. We can exhibit the same qualities of faithfulness. Ask God to teach you how to be faithful to Him and yourself. Ask Him to show you how to model faithfulness to those around you.

Faithfulness is a gift for you, and is also your assignment as a believer in Christ! Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may be faithful in your sight (Psalm 86).

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1 thought on “Faithfulness

  1. That was a great devotion and so true. I know personally the only way that I have grown spiritually, has been to admit my weaknesses that I may obtain God’s grace and strength. His strength is what helps me to achieve as I become who He needs me to daily!!

    I Love me some Him patient, kind, faithful, always willing to help and as long as I am determined He assures that I will win!!
    Victory is mine💃💃💃💃


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