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Hello Friends & Welcome to Virtuously Unveiled!

Virtuously Unveiled Christian Resource Center is a virtual ministry that offers holistic soul care through solution-focused Biblical Counseling, Mentorship, and Prayer. By now, you are probably wondering what in the world is Virtuously Unveiled and what it means. No worries, I will explain! Please stay with me and follow along as I take you through a short journey to unveil the meaning of Virtuously Unveiled and how I can help you. The Amplified Version of 2 Corinthians 3:16 eloquently explains Virtuously Unveiled as a simple process of turning and facing:

“Whenever someone turns to face God, God removes the veil and in that very moment, they are face-to-face!”

This is the beginning of our walk! The term “veil” is used metaphorically to indicate a lack of understanding of God’s truth. Scripture uses the imagery of “removing a veil” to refer to God’s self-revelation, or God making known his will, purpose, and/or nature through Jesus Christ or other means. We will consistently face the challenges of life and the distortions of those challenges may cause us to lose sight of our purpose or feel as if there is no way out. Certain life challenges create veils that may prevent you from seeing beyond your problems.

Are there veils of depression, anxiety, doubt, fear, marital issues, identity, etc., restricting your view? Do you need help to remove the veil of your problems to walk in freedom? If so, let us connect. Let me help you to remove the veil to reveal God’s glory. Allow God to enter your life to bring forth restoration and healing. The veil has been torn! We are alive in Christ and we have the Victory! Click on the links below to get started.

Unveiled Faces Biblical Counseling

Through solution-focused Biblical Counseling, I will help you apply God’s truth to life’s struggles, for your good and His glory. Solution-Focused Biblical Counseling shifts the emphasis from the problem to the strengths, vision, and practical solutions that lie within you and the Scriptures. The riches of God’s Word will be our foundation and guide. God’s purpose for you is already planted inside of you. Psalm 139: 13-16.

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