Words of Inspiration

God + Goals

New Year, New Beginnings! This is the time of the year when we are beginning to establish goals to master our personal visions. To kick down doors and to overcome obstacles. We are focused, we are pumped, and we have all our affirmations aligned to keep us on track. For the past twelve weeks, I … Continue reading God + Goals

The Fragrance of Christ

Have you ever smelled the fragrance of a Stargazer Lily? Stargazers release a fresh floral aroma that will stop you in your tracks to ponder upon what just tickled your nose. The pleasant, sweet fragrance of the Stargazer Lily is incredibly soft and refreshing. A few days ago, my neighbor placed a beautiful Stargazer Lily … Continue reading The Fragrance of Christ

What Choice Will You Make?

Wow, yesterday we celebrated the beginning of our ministry’s third year! Over the past three years, my life has drastically changed as I have come into the understanding of what it means to be Virtuously Unveiled. When I embraced the journey to “Remove the Veil to Reveal God’s Glory,” I had no idea what it … Continue reading What Choice Will You Make?


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